Anywhere you’re at

I was addicted to his dick, anytime anything touched my lips the urgency hit the pit of my stomach and I salivate.


In the morning, before I brushed my teeth, or even before I took a piss- I just needed it IN my mouth. I liked going slow, starting at his head while my lips bumped over the delicious sharp ledge leading down his long shaft, feeling all his veins pumping blood vigorously.

Some days I won’t go slow, in the early evenings I kneel down between his legs, leaning forward and resting my tits on our most comfy couch, and suck the life out of his dick. I massage the inside of his thighs, while I let his dick pop in and out of my mouth, stopping to lick up and down my lollipop and to catch his balls into my mouth. I rub my entire face into his balls, so his hard dick, wet from my own spit just rubs on my face. I love it when Precum just comes out and rolls down my cheek- I have to taste it, have to completely swallow it.

I dream of him being the rock star, and I’m the only one that gets to taste that dick. I’d walk up on stage, every swing of my hip claims my ownership of this dick, pull his pants down and sucking him while he sings. Doesn’t matter who is watching, I’m finishing. Every last drop.

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