Cumming inside of me.

It’s just something I’ve always enjoyed. It was hard for me, my younger years wanting to feel that hard cock get harder right before he spills his hot cum inside me. The pregnancy risk was always there and it took up till I was 22 to finally have a woman doctor permanently take that wish away. “I just want to fuck,” I told the doctor, “I have no interest in children, I just love dick.” With a smile she said, “Well lets take care of that, but remember to stay safe from the STDS.”

28 now, I feel my pussy burning leaving Jeff’s place, a fuck buddy of mine. It’s not just sex, Jeff FUCKS as if he’s trying to break every bone in my body. A man who always needs to be in control, I let him ravage my body. Anyway he wants, fucking me from behind while he pulls my head back with my hair, thrusting nonstop on top of me, holding my shoulders in place to keep me still, or while he uses the wall to keep himself up and bounce my tiny body on his monsterous cock. Just thinking about our meet up, I feel his cum in my underwear dripping out. I like keeping it inside and feeling it drip out while I walk around.

Today he fucked me on his kitchen table, his daughter’s pancakes half eaten from breakfast next to my head. He tortured me, just fucking me with his hands behind his back, with me begging and pleading for him to touch me. “Please,” I whine, pinching and grabbing my tits, scratching at the side of my head, angry with pleasure. “Nope,” Jeff flicks the top of my throbbing pussy. His business suit still on, he loosens his tie,  pumps slowly watching me squirm underneath him, smirking. “You showed up too early,” he said thrusting slowly while he spoke, making me whine and squirm for him to go faster. He spanks my ass when I lift my hips forward trying to get him further inside of me. “They could have saw you,” he grabs both sides of my waist to hold me down and starts to pump faster. I moan with pleasure feeling my tits bounce up and down, I could hardly keep my eyes open with the intensity of what his thick dick did to me. The they he referred to was his wife and daughter, leaving every morning to school. I’m usually pretty good at timing when to get to the house when they leave, but I was real horny today and could hardly wait. His wife isn’t able to take birth control, and even with a condom, she makes him pull out. At times he’s pulled out just to pretend he’s came, because he’s also not allowed to get sperm on her. What a shame. I only know this because I stayed over way too late and had to hide in their closet. To make sure she wasn’t suspicious, he fucked her on the bed, just one position while she hollered like it was fucking of the century. I sat there holding my laugh in, really thinking I was going to get caught. She went to shower, and I walked out immediately sucking his dick, disappointed by the laytex taste on it. We hurried downstairs to the living room, his cock extra hard, he throws me on the couch and just a few pumps he explodes inside of me.

I cum over and over on his cock, “Yea baby, that feels so good,” Jeff encourages. My body convulsing and twitching. I want more, hitching my legs up on him. “Not this time,” he says finally rubbing my round tits. He pinches my nipples and groan when my pussy tightens around him from the pain. I took my queue, understanding he was cutting it short, lifting my arms above my head, my heart beating fast in excitement I just love cum inside of me. I stretch out, offering my whole body to him, “Cum inside me baby, fill my pussy up, I want to feel it inside me.” Jeff growls and turns animalistic. Pumping harder and harder I feel the growth of his cock, and I moan in ectasy. It’s coming I think, that warm liquid roping over and over inside of me, I get my icing cream treat today. Jeff slaps my ass and squeezes, he leans in tongue out letting my breast hit his tongue while my body bobs up and down. Pump after pump his cock has turned into a steel rod and I cum again. I scream out, and Jeff gives one last solid thrust and erupts inside of me. Grunting and groaning with both hands on the sides of my hips he tries with all his strength to rip me in half. Teeth gritted together looking pleasured and angry he keeps pumping, while he comes down. “Fuck baby that pussy can take it.” I wriggle underneath him and smirk, looking down at my pussy. He knows what I want. He slowly pulls his dick out but not too fast, he glances at me, but concentrates on keeping his head inside, while he pumps his thick shaft from the base, emptying all of his cum inside. Propped up on my elbows so I can see, I throw my head back in pleasure, “Yea baby, give me every single drop, I want it all.” One hand still pumping himself, he leans rubbing my stomach and my tits, getting his fill for the next few days until our next meeting. I get up slowly, and get dressed, careful not to let anything drip out, not just yet. I turn to him, leaning for a while he squeezes my ass and I cradle his glorious penis and balls through his pants. I give him a quick peck on the cheek and he winks at me. “I’ll text you later,” I say skipping over his daughter’s toy doll on the floor.


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